How Can eCommerce Packaging Boost Your Sales?

How Can eCommerce Packaging Boost Your Sales?

Hey, are you someone who wishes to start their business from scratch? Then, let’s get one thing straight: It is increasingly easy to sell products online in today's dynamic world of eCommerce. But to stand out from your competitors, you must pay attention to every detail. One such detail is eCommerce packaging.

Your product presentation directly influences your brand's perception and your customer’s decision to purchase it. Moreover, with eCommerce packaging becoming an integral part of marketing strategy, it can be a powerful tool in positioning your brand in the minds of your consumers. 

This blog will explore the importance of high-end eCommerce packaging and how Shiprocket packaging can help you achieve the best and most affordable solutions for your eCommerce business.

1. The Power of Packaging:

Adequate packaging is not just about protecting the products during transit; it is a critical factor in creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. The eCommerce packaging design, materials, and overall aesthetics contribute to the perceived value of your products. Striking the right balance between visual appeal and practicality can go a long way in attracting and retaining customers.

2. Elevating Brand Image:

Your eCommerce packaging is an extension of your brand identity. Customised packaging that carries your logo, brand colours, and unique design elements can leave a strong impression on customers. It reinforces brand recognition and fosters a sense of loyalty among buyers. With Shiprocket packaging, you can create personalised solutions that align with your brand's image, giving your customers a cohesive and immersive shopping experience.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Investing in premium eCommerce packaging can mean something other than breaking the bank. Shiprocket Packaging offers various cost-effective packaging products suitable for multiple products. You can find the right balance between quality and affordability, from basic options to more sophisticated ones. By optimising your packaging costs, you can redirect resources towards other crucial areas of your business.

4. Sustainable Packaging:

In recent years, eco-consciousness has become a significant consideration for consumers. Many customers prefer brands that adopt sustainable practices, including eco-friendly eCommerce packaging. Shiprocket Packaging understands the importance of environmental responsibility and provides eco-conscious packaging options that resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers, giving your brand a positive reputation.

5. Safe Delivery of Delicate and Robust Products:

Different products have diverse eCommerce packaging needs. Delicate items require extra protection, while robust ones need sturdy packaging to prevent damage during transit. Shiprocket offers a variety of packaging options suitable for various product types, ensuring that your products reach your customers in pristine condition.

6. The Marketing Impact:

Packaging has evolved from being merely functional to being a powerful marketing tool. Unboxing videos and social media posts showcasing attractive eCommerce packaging have become viral trends lately. By offering a delightful unboxing experience, you can encourage customers to share their excitement, boosting your brand visibility and engagement on digital platforms.

Best and Affordable eCommerce Packing Products By Shiprocket PackagingLet’s now discuss the best and most affordable eCommerce packaging products material.

Corrugated Boxes:

A seller should always use a high-quality corrugated box when shipping their products. That’s when Shiprocket packaging comes into play. One can choose from a vast array of sizes at cost-effective rates. Our packages are manufactured from 3 Ply C Flute corrugated fibreboard with 180 GSM, providing the utmost strength when bearing the impact during shipment. 

Key Features: 

  • Best product as we use 3-ply C flute corrugated fibreboard
  • Works with all shipping materials like glassware, electronics, or cosmetics 
  • Best and Cheap eCommerce packaging material 
  • The product is 100% environment friendly, i.e., recyclable and sustainable. 
  • Available in multiple sizes

Plastic Courier Bags: 

Once you have secured a corrugated box, you have to focus on shipping your delicate items to their final destination, keeping in mind that they are safe. We focus on manufacturing our courier bags using the best quality to store heavy products seamlessly. Also, once the bags are sealed, one can only tamper with them by cutting through them. We also provide different sizes to fit your requirements. 

Key Features:

  • POD courier bags 
  • Tear and water-resistant 
  • Different sizes are available
  • Fast and Free shipping is available across PAN India

Stretch Film Rolls:

Have you ever received a product full of dust, dirt or moisture? If yes, then we are sure it must have compromised your experience. To avoid the same, one should always wrap the products in stretch film rolls, and Shiprocket packaging is the best and most affordable in the business. The product is highly flexible and resistant. These film rolls have a glossy, slippery outer surface that prevents dust from clinging to them. 

Key Features: 

  • Incredibly flexible and resistant
  • Ideal for furniture, boxes and wrapping items
  • Light and transparent
  • The film is thick, durable and easy-to-apply 
  • The film is 500 mm wide and 500 meters long 

Paper Courier Bags:

As we move forward and expand our business, environmental concerns should not take a back seat. At Shiprocket Packaging, we offer paper bags in varied sizes that suit your needs. 

Key Features: 

  • Eco-accommodating 
  • Recyclable and reusable 
  • Durable and comfortable 


Nowadays, eCommerce packaging plays a vital role in communicating your brand's guidelines and creating a lasting impression for your brand. It has become an essential part of the online process. Therefore, you should always look for ways to deliver your promise.