Different Types of Gift Box Packaging: A Complete Guide

Gift Box Packaging

In today's Social media-dominated era, everything needs to be worth posting or, in other words, memorable. Owing to such culture, unboxing is more of an opportunity for brands than a mundane ritual. The more you personalise the unboxing experience, the better your impression on customers. A recent Epsilon research reveals that 80% of buyers are more likely to purchase from a brand providing personalised experiences. 

One of the ways to make your customer's unboxing experience more appealing and ecstatic is to use attractive and durable gift box packaging. Especially during the holiday season, people seek products delivered in pretty packaging. A market research study by Zion Market Research suggests that the global gift boxes market size and share revenue can reach nearly USD 2.6 billion by 2030, growing at an approximately 6.5% CAGR between 2023 and 2030.

If you want to add more stars to your rating with progressive branding, you must consider shipping your products in high-end gift boxes. This article will help you find a suitable gift box packaging for your brand and highlight the advantages of opting for such packaging. 

Different Types of Gift Box Packaging

There is a plethora of gift box packaging available in the market for businesses to use. Here are the various types of gift boxes you can get:

Corrugated/Cardboard Gift Boxes:

Cardboard or corrugated boxes, also known as 3-ply boxes, use resilient material. Their resilience makes them suitable for shipping products overseas. The durability and strength of these boxes deem them a perfect fit as gift boxes for shipping. This gift box packaging is reusable and recyclable. Corrugated boxes have multiple uses. Besides shipping, many companies use corrugated boxes to store their products, while several food joints use them to deliver pizzas.

Paperboard Gift Boxes:

Retail brands often need adjustable boxing to accommodate different kinds of products. Paperboard boxes are the only gift box packaging that can be easily moulded, bleached, and cut out in desirable forms to fit the products perfectly. They use fibrous materials like wastepaper, straw, wood pulp, or a mix of these to create them. Paperboard gift box packaging is flexible and usually has a 0.30 millimetres or above thickness. It can adapt to various prints embossed on top. Hence, these boxes suit multiple industries, such as fashion clothing, footwear, cosmetics, FMCG, etc. 

Rigid Gift Boxes:

Rigid boxes are among the finest types of gift box packaging used by many luxury and other retail brands. The thick condensed paperboard used in their making gives them a sturdy structure. They're one of the favourites of high-end brands because they prominently highlight compartments, embossing, or other personalisation elements used, providing an attractive appearance. However, this high-quality gift box packaging can be costly. 

Magnetic Gift Box Packaging:

Magnetic rigid boxes come with two magnets inside, ensuring a firm seal on locking together. There are two kinds of magnetic rigid boxes: standard and collapsible. The standard style is stronger and more durable but you can fold the collapsible ones flat. This feature reduces the shipping and handling expenses of collapsible gift box packaging. Moreover, these collapsible rigid boxes feature double-sided tape applied to the foldable faces, eliminating their collapsible nature for customers. Upon casual observation, it's hard to determine if this gift box packaging is foldable.

When customers close a magnetic gift box, they experience a satisfying click sound along with the superior quality finish of these boxes. Their robust and sturdy structure makes them an excellent choice since customers prefer to keep them. Customers tend to use them as storage units for their possessions like makeup, hair accessories, etc. 

Lid Gift Boxes:

Lid gift boxes are base boxes that come with a lip for closure. These are pretty popular for packaging products these days. Companies mostly prefer lid gift boxes with affordable lids. Moreover, you can get the depth of the lid customised as per your requirement.

Shoulder Boxes:

Shoulder boxes have an internal shoulder embedded to provide a firm grip for the lid. It allows the lid to fit the base strongly. You have a choice to opt for shoulder boxes with concealed shoulders or have them displayed. With the covered shoulder design, customers only see the detailing on the shoulder when they open the box. On the other hand, the exposed shoulder box has no specific height and imparts a contrast in colours. 

This gift box packaging is excellent for premium and luxury packaging, offering an elegant and sophisticated look. You may choose the concealed or exposed type depending on the visual effect and presentation style you desire.

Hinged Gift Boxes:

Like the lid gift box, hinged gift box packaging also uses a lid. But the difference is that the lid has a hinged side, which allows for more robust packaging. 

There are three types of hinged gift boxes:


  • 3-sided hinged lid gift box

  • In the 3-sided structure, a joint bridges the base's top edge and the one-side lid. The other lids stick out with height, extending the depth of the box, or are even shorter.

  • 4-sided hinged lid gift box

  • The 4-sided model is similar to the make of the 3-sided hinged lid gift box, with a small differentiating factor. The lid is at the bottom edge rather than on the top.

  • Flap lid hinged gift box

  • There is a disclosed magnet within the flap lid structure to lock the flap and ensure a safe closure. This type of hinged gift box can have the hinged part on the top or side of the base. It provides a stylish and secure packaging solution.

    Drawer-Style Gift Boxes:

    It's fun to slide small drawers out to reveal a product. They are attractive and also reusable. Design the drawer-style box with a ribbon or small hole to help customers open the box conveniently. 

    These gift boxes use either thick cardboard or card paper material. Cardboard provides strength to the structure, whereas card paper helps save costs. Drawer-style boxes have more resilience to protect the items inside and have a better surprise element to them. It's also a great choice when you want to keep the products straight. Crafting the attached ribbon pull or small cut-out for opening on the drawer allows you to level the products as the customer opens the box. 

    Acrylic Gift Box Packaging:

    Then comes these beautiful transparent and semi-transparent gift boxes crafted using acrylic material. They get their transparent quality from acrylic plastic material that looks like glass but is less fragile, more durable and lightweight. The customers can get a sneak peek of your products as the contents inside this gift box packaging are visible from the top. Displaying the products draws the customer's focus, enhancing the appeal of the packaging. Apart from magnifying the beauty of the package, acrylic gif boxes also protect the products from any impact or breakage. Hence, this sturdiness makes them fit for showcasing items like jewellery, cosmetics, or other high-end products. These items also stay secure because acrylic can resist scratches and moisture. Not just this, you can also customise and reuse them. 

    Tin Gift Boxes for Packaging:

    How beautifully can a tin box transverse you into old times? These traditional boxes give your products the required protection with their high degree of durability and rust resistance. Thin sheets of steel coated with tin, called tinplates, are at the base of the creation of these sturdy tin boxes. The layer of tin prevents corrosion and increases its usability period. These tin boxes are pretty versatile when it comes to moulding and designing them. You can make them as attractive as you like, with vibrant colours, intricate designs, and custom branding. 

    A good use of these tin boxes would be storing and packaging items such as cookies, candies, tea, cosmetics, and promotional merchandise. Besides their protective properties and aesthetic appeal, they also fall under the category of sustainable and eco-friendly gift box packaging. 

    Hamper Gift Box Packaging:

    Stash your products in containers to create gift hampers or baskets. This tailored and made-to-order gift box packaging holds the capacity to accommodate and organise multiple items together. It's a double bonanza with this type of gift box packaging. It allows you to put many items in one basket and increase the appeal of the packaging with beautifully arranged products. The beauty and versatility of these hampers make them a perfect gift for occasions like holidays, celebrations, festivals, or corporate events.

    Moreover, they use cardboard for their stiff structure and sometimes may also have handles attached to them for easy carrying. This material makes them quite sturdy. Besides all those features, you can also customise these hampers with dazzling decorative elements and vivid colours to make your brand stand out. 

    Wooden Gift Box Packaging:

    Wooden boxes are ideal for packaging many products, from food and beverages to luxury goods and speciality items. They have a very pleasing natural and rustic look that fascinates the receiver. Plus, they are very durable and strong and cater to various categories of products. You're sure to impress your customers with this gift box packaging because they are high on aesthetic appeal and are trending for sustainability. Your customers can reuse and repurpose them easily. 

    Moreover, you can play around with various other aesthetic enchantments like staining, engraving, or branding to raise the bar of your wooden gift box packaging. Place wine bottles, jewellery, chocolates, and many other high-end gifts in these wooden caskets. 

    Presentation Boxes for Packaging:

    Your end game depends on how you present the product and how sustainable the packaging is. Of course, the priority is to deliver the products to the customer in excellent condition. But beyond the basics comes your opportunity to win their hearts. Prestentation boxes are a step ahead in creating memorable unboxing experiences for your customers. They are a concoction of all kinds of high-quality materials and intricate designs that aesthetically please customers. Their attraction quotient heightens with the use of additional elements like embossing, foiling, or custom printing. The aim of this kind of gift box packaging is simply to woo your customers and reinforce your brand's positive image in their minds. 

    Box Inserts for Fift Box Packaging:

    How amazing would it be for your customers to look at a hyper-organised and well-decorated gift box? Give them this experience with the multipurpose box inserts that divide the box into different sections. Use your organisational skills to get the customer's attention and also protect the items from meddling with each other. If you're wondering about their flexibility, you can easily adjust them according to the shape and sizes of different products. You'll find box inserts in packagings holding electronics, cosmetics, jewellery, food, and more.

    To give you a better idea of how these box inserts work, here are a few common examples:

    • You can use partition inserts that create compartments to prevent items from moving from their place
    • Use foam inserts for packing fragile items
    • Get some die-cut or thermoformed inserts if you want precision and customisation. 

    Benefits of Gift Box Packaging

    We  have discussed the variations we have in gift box packaging.They also come with a bunch of benefits for businesses. A slew of brands is already on the spree to take advantage of these phenomenal packaging options. Research proves the same, revealing that 89% of eCommerce businesses use the art of personalisation to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Another research by industry experts says personalisation efforts can increase revenues by up to 15%. Now, let’s see what makes gift box packaging advantageous:

    Charming and Customisable:

    Compared to ordinary packaging, gift box packaging can be very attractive and eye candy for the customer. Their mouldable quality puts them into various shapes and sizes. There is no limit to the designs available for these boxes and how you can customise them for different occasions. 

    Hyperbolic Branding:

    You can drastically enhance your branding game by embossing logos, taglines, or other branding elements on the gift box packaging. Your brand will barely slip out of your customers' minds when you create a cohesive visual identity through these elements and supercharge it with brand recognition.


    Surprise Element and Lasting Impressions:

    Along with the basic function of protecting the items, gift box packaging also aids in creating mystery around the product. The customer is usually pleasantly surprised when unwrapping creatively designed packaging. It adds to the emotional aspect of gifting. It influences your buyers emotionally, leaving a trail of long-lasting impressions, and also creates a bond with them. 

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    'Unboxing happiness' is the real motto of brands today, as their customers cherish their packaging efforts. The buyer's journey of associating with your brand begins with opening the packages you send them. It becomes their first tangible experience with an eCommerce brand. Their expectations are mostly going off the roof as the competition is increasing day by day. Brands try to please their customers with packaging designed in different themes, vibrant colours, spectacular decorations, and other personalised elements. All they're striving to achieve here is creating extraordinary customer interactions. In this diversified market full of options, you must consider some of the gift packaging variants, like high-end gift boxes, ranging from corrugated and paperboard options to rigid and magnetic styles. It will help you garner a positive image and strong customer connections. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the use of gift box packaging for businesses?

    1. While there are many marketing tools to grow your business, gift box packaging has its importance. It helps enhance the visual appeal, protects items, and provides branding opportunities. These factors ensure a positive customer experience. You may get repeat orders or loyal customers with such marketing efforts. 

    1. Where can I find top-quality packaging solutions?

    1. You can find considerable packaging solutions at Shiprocket Packaging. A diverse range of top-quality and cost-effective packaging solutions is available for businesses of all sizes. Their secure and efficient packaging solutions help brands enhance their customer's satisfaction. Shiprocket also offers free PAN India and timely delivery. 

    1. How are drawer-style boxes different from traditional box openings?

    1. Unlike traditional boxes, drawer-style ones open horizontally instead of vertically. They prevent accidental spills and offer a distinctive and satisfying unboxing experience.