Custom Corrugated Boxes: Cost, Sizes, and Varieties

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cartons have now become a preferred choice for packaging. Embedded with multiple layers, these prove to be a reliable option for storing and shipping different kinds of items including glassware, electronics and industrial tools. Though robust, corrugated cartons are lightweight and thus easy to carry. The items inside these remain safe as they are transported from one place to another. Shipping companies rely on custom corrugated boxes especially while shipping delicate items that may be damaged when exposed to moisture or harsh weather conditions. The demand for these boxes has grown in the global market and is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2023 to 2033. A CAGR of 2.8% was recorded in the demand for custom corrugated boxes from 2018 to 2022.

In this article, we have shared all that you need to know about custom corrugated boxes. This includes the approximate cost of the box, the sizes in which it is available and its various types. Read on to find out!

Importance of Custom Corrugated Boxes

The importance of using custom corrugated boxes is being felt by more and more businesses across industries. Its market size increased from USD 134.4 billion in 2022 to USD 140.4 billion in 2023. Here is why it is important to switch to this type of box for your packaging needs:

  1. Sustainability

With the consumers giving preference to businesses that are sensitive towards the environment, using eco-friendly corrugated boxes can work in your favour. It helps build trust and goodwill in the market. Approximately 57% of the respondents, in a recent survey, mentioned that they are willing to pay additional charges for sustainable packaging.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

The use of these boxes can help fulfill your packaging requirements well within your budget. These are available at a cost-effective price and offer good value for money.

  1. Versatility

Custom corrugated cartons are versatile. You can use them for packing and shipping a wide variety of products. Custom corrugated boxes can easily be made on order.

  1. Lightweight

Custom corrugated boxes are lightweight. Thus, they don’t add much weight to the overall package. This makes them easier to carry and ship.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Products fit just right in custom corrugated cartons and remain secure inside, regardless of the external conditions. Customers can be relieved that their goods will be shipped to them safely with the use of this packaging material. This enhances satisfaction among clients and helps your brand earn credibility.

Types of Custom Corrugated Boxes

There are mainly three types of custom corrugated boxes. Here is a look at the same:

  1. Single Wall Corrugated Box

It comprises a single sheet of corrugated medium stuck between two layers of the liner board. It is quite popular in the retail industry because of its cost-effectiveness and light-weight.

  1. Double Wall Corrugated Box

A two-layer corrugated medium is affixed between three liner board layers to form a double-wall corrugated box. This makes the box sturdy and apt for packing heavy items.

  1. Triple Wallboard Box

This is the most robust kind of corrugated box. Mostly used to pack industrial goods, it comprises three layers of corrugated medium in addition to four layers of liner board.


Pricing Insights for Custom Boxes

The price of custom corrugated boxes largely varies depending upon their type and size. These boxes are mostly available in packs of 10, 25 or more. We have shared an overview of the pricing of these boxes to give you an idea. The price may vary depending on the manufacturer and number of pieces you choose to purchase:

Type of Box

Approximate Price

Other Details

Single Wall 3 Ply Corrugated Box

INR 3.6 per piece

Weight Holding Capacity – Less than 5 kg

GSM – 115/125GSM

Single Wall 3 Ply Corrugated Box

INR 10 per piece

Weight Holding Capacity – 5-10 kg

Virgin Kraft Paper; Laminated Coating

Double Wall 5 Ply Corrugated Box

INR 25 per piece

Weight Holding Capacity – Less than 25 kg

GSM – 185/200 GSM

Triple Wall 7 Ply Corrugated Box

INR 12 per piece

Weight Holding Capacity – 11 – 25 kg

Paper Grade – Virgin Kraft Paper

Corrugated Mobile Packaging Box

INR 30 per piece

Size – 5*10 inch

Material Used – Cardboard

Applications of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Here are some of the common applications of custom corrugated boxes:

  1. Storage

Corrugated boxes are often used to store items that need to be placed in warehouses. These boxes keep the items safe inside and help to store them systematically. The warehouse staff members usually label the boxes with details about the stuff they hold. Some retail stores also use custom corrugated boxes to place their items systematically on shelves.

  1. Shipping 

One of the most common uses of custom corrugated boxes is in shipping. These robust boxes facilitate safe and secure shipping of different types of goods, be it heavy-duty industrial goods or delicate home decor items.

  1. Packaging

These boxes are used as an outer layer for packages that carry delicate items. They serve as an added layer of protection without adding much to the weight of the package.

  1. Branding

Corrugated boxes can be easily imprinted with your brand’s name, logo and other details. Thus, they make for an excellent means to increase brand awareness. Many brands use custom corrugated boxes to advertise their brand and enhance visibility.

SR Packaging for All Your Packaging Needs

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Corrugated boxes come in different varieties to provide suitable packaging for different types of products. You can customise these boxes to match your specific requirements. eCommerce businesses around the globe are switching to custom corrugated boxes for their packaging needs. These boxes are lightweight, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Not to forget, their material and build are such that the items remain safe inside. These qualities have led to the popularity of these boxes. The corrugated box market size has been growing consistently. It is expected to grow further in the coming decade and reach USD 213.9 billion by 2033. If you are still using traditional cardboard boxes, it is time to switch to this new-age packaging solution and leverage its benefits.  


  1. What is a telescope-type corrugated box?

Mostly used to pack delicate items, a telescope-type corrugated box has a separate top and bottom. It is thick and safeguards the items from all sides. 

  1. What type of printing methods can be used on corrugated boxes?

You can use different types of printing methods to get your corrugated boxes printed. This includes flexo printing, lithography, digital printing, silk screen printing and rotogravure.

  1. What is the meaning of GSM in a corrugated box?

GSM stands for Gram per Square Meter. This refers to the quantity of ply added to the corrugated box. The use of a high amount of GSM makes these boxes sturdy and durable.