Top eCommerce Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Top eCommerce Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

The eCommerce industry today is one of the most profitable businesses in India. Many people love to buy online and have products delivered to their doorstep. Online shopping has no physical touchpoints between the buyer and seller until the product is delivered. The product packaging is the first touchpoint. Thus, it is crucial for the sellers to use packaging that protects the products and offers an extraordinary unboxing experience to the buyers.

In this article, we will discuss one of the biggest problems the eCommerce industry faces – eCommerce packaging. Though the problem is underrated, it can potentially lead to a bad customer reputation and huge losses.

eCommerce Packaging Mistakes You Should Avoid

If your product is not packaged properly, your buyers might receive damaged products. Or some items might go missing in transit, killing your profits and repeat sales. That is why we have compiled a list of common packaging mistakes you must avoid. Let’s take a look.

Poor Packaging Quality

Mostly, eCommerce sellers don’t give much attention to the packaging quality and buy bulk packaging products of low quality. This can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run. Poor quality packaging can get damaged in transit, damaging the product too. Moreover, if you buy bad quality packagings inserts like foam and cardboard inserts, they will provide inadequate product protection. Therefore, it is crucial to use fine-quality packaging products to reduce the risk of product damage in transit. Besides, a good quality product material will improve customer experience and lead your customer to purchase again.

Using Complex Packaging

Hard-to-open packaging is one of the biggest unpleasant experiences for customers. Too much packaging or sticky tape will make it difficult to open the package, adding to customers’ frustration. Many businesses opt for complex packaging with extra wrapping which is a big no. As discussed, the packaging is the customers’ first physical interaction with the business, and it must make it a pleasant experience for them.

Many businesses also use unnecessary flexible packaging like cloth or fabric products which should also be avoided.

Besides, one reason a product gets damaged in transit is little or too much packaging material. For instance, you are shipping a glass item. If you use little packaging material, friction will damage your item during transit. However, if you use too many inserts like fillers, there are still chances that your product will be damaged due to friction. Therefore, it is crucial to use the right amount of packaging material, not just for customer experience but for product safety as well.

Using Unbranded Packaging 

Though many brands skip branding their packaging, using branded packaging is one of the best ways of increasing reach. A custom logo or branded packaging tape can help improve your brand visibility and drive sales.

You can get your packaging customized and add messages like thank you note, follow us on social media note, or other marketing inserts – this will help in free band marketing.

Notably, branded packaging improves your customer's journey with your brand and reflects product quality. Branded packaging helps build more trust in your brand. Not just logos, you can also include slogans and colour schemes on your packaging. You can also make the packaging colourful to your package stand out from the competitors. In all, branded and customized packaging may cost a little, but its benefits outweigh it.


As an eCommerce seller, you must know attractive packaging leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is crucial to understand that packaging can help deliver a superior customer experience and ensure safe product delivery. Also, since improper packaging can potentially harm your brand’s image, it is crucial that you work on the above-mentioned tips right now. Refrain from making packaging mistakes and make it as convenient as possible.