Smart Packaging Tips for Your eCommerce Brand

Smart Packaging Tips for Your eCommerce Brand

Product and shipping packaging is not just about aesthetics. It plays as a crucial branding and marketing component. That said, packaging also needs to play its fundamental role of protecting the products and offering the end-consumers a pleasant unboxing experience.

No section or industry has remained untouched by technology. It has also boosted packaging functionality and efficiency; therefore, many brands are turning towards smart packaging.

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging is a packaging type that offers both functional and branding and marketing aspects of packaging. Smart packaging uses emerging technologies to increase business and consumer utility, while simultaneously integrating the tracking facility surrounding the product. It also offers an opportunity for branding and marketing to businesses. Smart packaging helps improve customer experience as well.

On the business side, smart packaging can also help sellers provide their customers with a personalized and unique experience. Smart packaging can be combined with electronic components for real-time order tracking.

Benefits of Smart Packaging

Let us take a look at several benefits of smart packaging for an eCommerce business:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Smart packaging is tech-based intelligent packaging with a QR code and NFC. It is an excellent option for an impressive customer interface – customers can use it to learn more about the product and company. For instance, they can scan the QR code to direct them to a resourceful page with all product information, like manufacturing and use by date. Or you can also direct your customers to ‘how-to’ user manuals via the QR code.

Smart Business Investment

Investment is inevitable for any business. The critical task here is to invest in opportunities that will impact the business positively. Customers look forward to their brands adopting better technology to get better experiences. With smart packaging, you get access to a better and pleasant customer interface that enhances customers’ shopping experience. This means smart packaging will stay for a long, and investing in it is an intelligent decision.

Product Quality Control

Smart packaging comes with sensors and indicators that help to monitor product condition. Also, a huge market of fake products is operating under brand names. This led to a theft in your business profit. Besides, your brand image is also at stake when the product is not up to your brand quality. With smart packaging, your buyers can get access to genuine products, and you can also communicate with them better.

Brand Transparency

Adopting smart packaging helps in building a positive brand image in consumers’ minds. Smart packaging also assists in building a brand. Customers have become environment-conscious and are more willing to purchase from environmentally friendly brands. In fact, they are willing to pay more as well. You can use the packaging to help your consumers track where the product material was sourced from and its impact on the environment.

Smart Marketing Planning

Marketing is crucial for any business to grow and evolve. However, what is equally important is how to capture customers’ interests. Besides, you also need to capture your customers’ order again status. With this information, you can better understand when and what product they are running low on and reach out to them on time with emails or messages.

Smart packaging has integrated cloud-based solutions that can help you gain customer information.

Wrapping It Up 

The advantages of smart packaging are pretty obvious. It has a lot on offer –both on the functionality and customer-experience parts. By embracing smart packaging for your business, you can help your eCommerce business grow and achieve bigger heights.