Top 5 Small Business Packaging Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

Top 5 Small Business Packaging Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

The most exciting time for consumers is when their product is delivered, and they unbox the package. It is obvious that as an eCommerce seller, you must strive to offer your customers the most memorable unboxing experience, especially when the packaging is their first physical interaction with your brand.

There are a lot of small business packaging ideas that you can adopt to make your packaging unique. You can design your packaging materials carefully and add branding elements like brand logos or branded tape. The kind of corrugated box or courier bag you use also says a lot about your brand and the product quality it delivers. Thus, using the right small business packaging is crucial if you wish to scale your business.

To help you get started, we have jotted down a few packaging ideas that you could use for your small business.

Top Small Business Packaging Ideas

For eCommerce sellers, the packaging is like a storefront. A well-designed and beautiful eCommerce packaging offers a positive impression and helps increase repeat purchases. Here is a list of top packaging ideas for your small business:

Customised Packaging

Customised packaging like boxes, courier bags, and mailers helps make a distinctive image of your brand in front of the customers. This type of packaging goes beyond just product or eCommerce packaging. Customised packaging is an ideal option for increasing brand awareness and providing an immersive experience to customers. It also helps to offer a personalised touch to the buyers.

Notably, customised packaging also brings brand awareness as customers tend to share unboxing videos on their social media handles. Though fully customised packaging is an expensive option, it tends to create the biggest impact as well. You can simply start with a branded logo, a company tagline, or a company’s name with shipping materials.

Printed Stock Packaging

Printed stock boxes are a type of customised packaging but a less expensive option. In this type, a logo is placed on the corrugated box or courier bag. As said, this is an ideal option to drive brand awareness and recognition without costing much. However, for it to work, the placement of the logo must be prominent – either at the top of the box or right side up.

Some people also attach logo stickers to the outside of their packaging – an affordable way of adding customisation to your eCommerce packaging. This is the most cost-effective option to add a touch of branding to your packaging. You can attach logo stickers to any type of packaging, ranging from boxes to shipping containers.

Handwritten Thank You Notes or Cards

Adding a handwritten note, pre-printed card, or coupon voucher is a cost-effective way of adding a personal touch to your eCommerce packaging.

Personal thank you notes and hope you like the product notes are another way to reach out to your customers and engage them with your business – increasing your brand recall value. This also helps connect with your customers on a personal level and enforce an emotional connection.

Minimal Packaging

Customers were opening packaging boxes within another box – and sometimes in yet, another box offers an unpleasant experience to them. Depending on your product type, minimal packaging is an ongoing trend that you can follow. The idea here is to remove all extra layers of packaging and solely ship the product within a single layer – a corrugated box or a courier bag. 

This type of packaging not only supports sustainability but is also a cost-effective solution.

Branded Packaging

You can use the packaging to create a memorable branding journey for your customers. Packaging and design are the best ways to create a personality for your brand. You can use your brand colours and font designs to create branded packaging.

Try to create a memorable brand impression through your small business packaging by using your brand elements. Use of logo is essential but not enough - ensure its placement is at the most eye-grabbing place. You can also use shapes and designs to give an elegant touch. Or play with textures that are part of your brand colours. Just ensure that you don’t copy your competitors or else it will lead to negative brand publicity.


Packaging is the best medium for conveying the quality your brand delivers. There are so many packaging ideas that you can follow for your small business. But what matters is choosing the right one that suits your business and target audience the most.