Product Packaging Trends 2022 You Must Follow

Product Packaging Trends 2022 You Must Follow

When it comes to attracting customers towards the product, new or existing, the product packaging plays a crucial role. It creates the first visual impression on the mind of consumers. It plays a vital role in their purchasing decision—the quality of packaging boxes, designing, and overall presentation help sell products.


You need to keep in mind several things while creating product packaging. You can also follow the current product packaging trends 2022 and adopt them to take your packaging design to the next level. However, remember packaging is about distinguishing your brand from others, and thus, you can always give a personal touch to make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

While most sellers tend not to give much importance to product packaging, it determines many things in the eCommerce world. The packaging trends in the past have evolved with respect to its functionality, creativity, innovation, and what customers want and expect from it. Apart from the attraction factor, customers, these days, look out for the value that the products and their packaging serve.

You must utilize this opportunity to mark a strong entry into the market and give your brand and product the protection it needs.

Branded Packaging

When your customer has a good experience with your product and brand, they share it on social media. This will help gain your customers' family and friends' attention and convert them into your customers. Thus, it is essential that your product packaging must have your brand name.

This packaging method helps gain attention, just like word-of-mouth. This trend has become quite popular in the eCommerce industry in 2021 and will continue to rise in 2022. So, if you haven't yet started using branded packaging, now is the time for you.

You can optimize your packaging design with the brand name. A logo and brand name can be placed on the packaging. However, you can think of other critical information like website, contact number, address, etc.

Branded packaging also leaves an everlasting impression on buyers as the packaging material as well talks a lot about the product and brand. If the packaging material is strong, the customers can use them later for other purposes, like using them as containers.


Sustainable packaging is another ongoing trend in the market. It is not just a trend, but it is the need of the hour. It includes biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable, and environment-friendly packaging. There is a lot of awareness about climate change among consumers, and they are opting for brands that use environment-friendly eCommerce packaging.

You can easily procure packaging material from companies that provide environmentally friendly packaging. While environment friendly protects the environment, it satisfies the customers as well. Thus, it offers dual benefits and maximizes the customers' purchase value.

If you can't afford biodegradable packaging, you can opt for recyclable packaging. Plastic takes over 150-1000 years to degrade. Therefore, you can avoid using plastic packaging and actively contribute to the environment. It will also leave a good impression on your customers' minds.

Unboxing Experience

These days customers want a personalized experience. Their focus is now shifted towards a pleasant unboxing experience, which can be by adding a customized touch to it.

For instance, many online sellers add a personalized note, discount coupon, or instructions with the packaging. This provides a unique and special feeling to the customers. If a customer's experience is good, they will become your repeat customer and come back to you again and again.

Also, many customers follow different influencers and buy products referred by them. They expect a similar experience to that of influencers. The same can be done y using good quality packaging material and adding a special and dedicated note with it. Also, when shipping fragile products, using packaging inserts can be a good option.

Hygienic Packaging

It has been two years since COVID-19 hit the world, and consumers are taking care of their safety with a global pandemic. Thus, they are also looking for sanitary practices for the packaging as well. Therefore, this year the packaging material will be in a trend that will not let the virus be viable on the product packaging surface.

So, you can consider using clean film on the package and surface. The clean film will provide an additional security layer and make the consumers confident about your product and its packaging. Consumers can peel it off before coming in contact with the product and its primary packaging.


eCommerce product packaging is ever-evolving. Consumer behavior is changing, and today's trend might not be the same tomorrow. You need to regularly mold and update your packaging to match customers' needs.