Top 9 Product Packaging Ideas You Must Know About

Top 9 Product Packaging Ideas You Must Know About
For any manufacturer, the packaging is as important as the contents inside. It makes the products more attractive, increases their shelf-life, and assists in easy transportation. By being aware of the latest product packaging ideas, you can take a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What are the best product packaging designs? What are the latest product packaging trends you must be aware of? Read on to know about them.

What are the 3 Ps of Packaging?

Product packaging has a vast role to play. Let’s take a look at the 3 Ps of packaging.


Packaging can actively help in branding. This will ultimately lead to having a strong market presence and attracting more consumers. Let’s have a look at how packaging and branding go hand-in-hand.

Product Details

Providing requisite product details on the packaging is necessary for branding. The packaging should advertise the product when a potential buyer picks it up. For this very purpose, you must mention all the relevant details of the products on packaging. It must grab the customer’s attention. You can think of taglines that are easy to understand and at the same time, compelling. A tagline or anything that can highlight your product!

Durable Packaging

Branding and packaging go hand-in-hand. You can use packaging for branding as well as promotional purposes. Packaging can help communicate important information with the consumers, such as the benefits of the products. It can also be used to display eye-catchy designs to let the product stand out from the rests on the shelf.


Since packaging is the outermost covering of the product, it presents the product within. It induces the customers, convinces them to buy, and justify their purchase. With the help of resealable packaging, consumers can even preserve the products and use them again as per their convenience. Even daily consumable items like bread are adopting resealable packaging technique. The manufacturer can also mention consumer safety warnings and directions for use on the packaging.

Product Packaging Ideas

As per a case study by Bizongo, over 63% of consumers agreed to have bought a daily household product because its packaging was appealing. Such is the power of packaging!

Take a look at the product packaging ideas that can prove to be helpful for your business:

Tech-enabled Packaging

Technology has entered every space now. You can also leverage technology by packing products cleverly with the help of technology. But how? You can embed technology in packaging to provide full information to your customers.
NFC packaging is being widely used these days. It enables brands to offer an interactive and personalized customer experience. Products come with NFC chips or printed QR codes. Smartphone users (consumers) can scan the code on their phone to get more information about the product.

With the help of smart packaging, you can track several parameters, like temperature, fermentation, flavour, and quality. For instance, Maggi Healthy Soups uses its patented ‘granulation-based technology’ to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.
Not just for freshness, you can use tech-enabled packaging for attracting customers as well.


Sustainable packaging is yet another brilliant packaging idea. Over the last few years, customers have become conscious of the environment. We have seen a shift in consumer interest towards the products that come with biodegradable packaging. This push for environment-friendly packaging solutions has made the big brands to ditch single-use plastics for packaging. They have started using recyclable and reusable packaging material. Paper packaging is being used more than ever. Most brands are dumping plastic packaging.

Shiprocket also offers 100% recyclable and environmentally responsible corrugated packaging boxes.

Clear Labeling?

Clear and concise labeling is the new trend in the market. Consumers these days are more willing to buy products with clear product information as they have become conscious of what they buy. Although all the product packaging contains all the information, reading a fine print of the same can be challenging for the consumers.
This has led to more and more companies adopting clear and to-the-point labeling. Like green tea companies clearly mention ORGANIC GREEN TEA on their tea packaging. Or the green and red mark on the food product clearly indicates whether the food is veg or non-veg.

Clear labeling can help consumers make an informed decision, and hence, you can upscale your business growth.

Emotional Engagement

Consumers these days require more than just a product. They want to become a part of your story. You can attract customers by targeting their emotions through packaging. Don’t only provide the information, engage their emotions!

Emotional content is extremely popular in advertising and social media marketing. Leverage the same!

To understand this better, let’s take the example of Kinder Joy. The product packaging design attracts and appeals to the children’ emotions. It also has separate packaging for girls and boys.

Increased Portability

Packaging can also aid in carrying the product with ease. Most consumers are looking for the grab and go options. To efficiently meet this requirement, brands are designing portable packaging.

Most food product companies are using this technique and are making food packing portable. For example, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts both offer portable soft drink/coffee cups that let consumers carry products with much ease.

Vintage Designs

How about making your consumers feel nostalgic with your unique product packaging? Vintage packaging has nostalgic value. They evoke happy feelings in the customers by reminding them of simple things in life.

The packaging design is inspired by the gone time. Such packaging triggers emotions in consumers and takes them back to that era. Interestingly, this packaging goes well with millennials as well. They want to experience that time.

Gradient Designing

Customers find graphics and color interesting and attracting in packaging. Gradient designing is a new packaging design inspiration. Whether it’s a logo or slogan, gradient designing can add depth to the overall packaging. However, you must avoid overdoing anything. And you can choose the right colors to keep the packaging subtle.

Minimal Design

A huge trend in packaging design, minimal designing does not include flashy typefaces and cluttered designs. You need to adopt simple typefaces and designs for labeling and packaging. Because of its no-nonsense nature, minimal design is loved by most consumers. The package designing and graphics don’t overpower the product’s value.

This product packaging idea is visible in many modern packaging, like ketchup bottles. Minimal design makes the packaging look clean. Besides, it also reduces the cost.

Personalized Packaging

One of the leading trends, personalized packing, is loved by most consumers. Generation Z has a special desire for personalized product packaging. See how aptly Coca Cola used the same product packaging technique. It launched a campaign - Share a Coke. It debranded the Coke Logo from one side of the coke bottle and replaced it with a phrase - Share a Coke - followed by an individual’s name. This campaign was a huge hit among consumers because of the personalization factor.

Since personalized packaging is a bit expensive, you can offer customization. You can let consumers choose customized stickers, gift tags, bags, or even boxes. This can help increase brand appeal and recall value.

The Final Say

The role of packaging has changed from just an outer covering. It is now a point of attraction for consumers. It offers protection to the products within. The product packaging trends have also seen a sharp change and are highly influenced by the need for clean and sustainable solutions. It’s the time for you to change accordingly and take your eCommerce business to the next level.