Important Considerations to Make Before Finalizing Product Packaging Design

Important Considerations to Make Before Finalizing Product Packaging Design

You put your blood and sweat into starting your business, to introduce the best product in the market! But what happens when you start selling? Probably, you are thinking of branding and marketing. But what about product  packaging  design?


What are the 3 Ps of Packaging?

Product packaging has a vast role to play. Let’s take a look at the 3 Ps of packaging.


Packaging can actively help in branding. This will ultimately lead to having a strong market presence and attracting more consumers. Let’s have a look at how packaging and branding go hand-in-hand.

Whether its cosmetics packaging, food packaging, or electronics packaging, it has a purpose to serve. The product packaging is highly important to ensure that the consumer buys the products. Apart from the taste, feel and use, consumers also remember the packaging of the product. They recognize the product from its packaging. Sometimes, consumers may forget the brand name, but they do remember they want to buy biscuits that come in the red or blue packet.

Let’s know more about the importance of product packaging and important considerations to keep in mind before finalizing product packaging design.

Importance of Product Packaging

Packaging plays a critical role in customer decision. It communicates important messages to the consumers and tells them about company values. Some even say that packaging is as crucial as the product as it is an important marketing and branding tool.

Let’s now have a look at the importance of packaging:


It goes without saying that packaging protects contents within from damage that may happen during product handling, storage, and transportation. It keeps the products intact throughout the logistics chain - from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Not just protection from damage, packaging also protects from light, humidity, heat, and external factors. Some products even require extra packaging, in case they are ordered online and need to be shipped to the buyers.


Consumers these days demand life-saver packaging that is user-friendly as well. They need usable packaging that can help them carry products easily. Easy to open and close packaging, easy to fold and sort after usage, and the packaging that can be reused and recycled. Optimal design enhances the product packaging further.

Like there’s a shift from selling tomato ketchup in glass bottles to plastic bags which are unbreakable and easy to store. Reusable packaging is also very much in demand. People like to buy products that come in containers as these containers can be used later to store other household things.

There are environmentally conscious consumers, as well. They bring their bags, jars, or containers when they go for shopping. Thus, packaging usability is one big challenge for manufacturers.


Packaging helps in branding and marketing. Different types of packaging design attract consumers and convince them to buy the product. It enables the product to stand out from others on the shelf or website and enhances sales. It provides all the relevant information to the consumers. As said above, packaging plays a vital role in consumer buying decisions.

In all, packaging tells the consumers about the product story, and its environmental, societal, and economical impact.


Consumers have become conscious of what they are using. They are conscious of the impacts of their actions. Many consumers check the carbon footprints of the packaging before making a purchase. Sustainability, recyclability, and reusability have become vital for them.

Sustainable packaging has got a positive impact on sales numbers as well. This packaging design plays a crucial role in defining the perspective of the brand, and you can tell your audience that you care for the environment as well.


Packaging keeps the inside products safe until they reach the consumers. It also includes important information about the product and its safety, for example, manufacturing date, packaging date, best before date, and list of ingredients.

Notably, you need to ensure that you choose the packaging material carefully. No smell or harmful chemical must transfer to the product from packaging. Moreover, the packaging should be clear from all the toxic substances. All these things will further provide safety to the products.

How to Finalize Best Product Packaging Design?

As discussed above, packaging plays a huge role in successful business operations. However, choosing the right product packaging design can be challenging. For most business owners, the cost is the primary concern. But packaging design and material are equally important as they offer brand value and keep the products safe. Visually appealing packaging is also important.

So, before you finalize the product packaging design, take the following crucial considerations into account:

Understanding Basic Functionality

The fundamental function of food packaging is to entice consumers. Another functional aspect of packaging is to balance the shelf-appeal along with providing safety. Customers pay attention just for a fraction of second to your products amidst other products.

Packaging also indicates that the product arrives in the same condition from the factory or warehouse to distributor, retailer, or customer. Packaging also has to carry clear messages, features, and benefits of the products.

Brand Identity

The first step towards the best product packaging is to have a clear idea of the brand. Whether a grocery product or a magazine, the packaging is the primary point-of-contact. Hence, comprehend the brand and find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the product?
  • How does it serve the consumers?
  • What is the USP of the product?
  • Who are the targeted customers?

Having answers to all these questions will help you crack the best product packaging ideas. These answers will also help you comprehend the right shape, size, colour, and even material for your packaging.

Ideally, the packaging idea must be communicative. So, you need to prepare a strong and clear message.

Materials Available

The packaging is not just a beautiful thing that attracts consumers. It needs to be efficient as well to keep the product safe and fresh. Several packaging materials are available that you can choose from as per your requirements, such as glass, fibre, and plastic. While some materials are cost-effective, others are not. Some are biodegradable, and others are not.

You can explore options, try them, and choose the one that is cost-effective and serves the purpose well. Go with what suits your need and budget the best!

Size and Shape

Having packaging in standard size and shape is best for several reasons. It improves flexibility and is convenient to store and transport. Besides, it also reduces production costs. You can add designs of your choices on it to enhance its visual appeal and brand recognition. But, again, be careful about the colours and patterns that you use.

Packaging Design and Marketing

Packaging design can help establish brand identity. Consumers tend to recognize the products from product packaging design. So, innovative and thoughtful packaging design is very important for a business. And when it is specially tailor-made for your audience, it can do wonders for your business. You can appeal to broader audiences easily.

Invest some time and effort in selecting the best packaging material that reflects your brand identity. Packaging design can help send the right and clear message to the consumers, which ultimately can help boost sales.


Deliver what you promise! Maintain high standards not just in packaging, but through all the stages of product production. Be it in terms of quality or the equipment used in the manufacturing process. Remember, a pretty package can only lead to a one-time sale, but customer retention very much depends on the product and its quality!