Paperboard Packaging Trends to Watch Out For

Paperboard Packaging Trends to Watch Out For

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Of all types of packaging materials available, paperboard packaging remains the most popular option used worldwide. It is known as the best packaging solution among retailers and manufacturers. Apart from being sturdy, it offers a wide area for printing logos and other marketing material. Besides, you can also customize it in different styles for brand promotion. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the pros and cons of paperboard packaging and the ongoing trends to watch out for.

What is Paperboard Packaging?

Paperboard packaging is one of the most commonly used packaging materials used by a majority of sellers. The latest advancements in quality, packaging design, and digital printing have made it a preferable option among business owners. It is a sustainable packaging option as well.

Here are the pros and cons of paperboard packaging.

Pros of Paperboard Packaging

Biodegradable Material

Paperboard packaging is a more biodegradable option when compared to other types of packaging. This means it can be decomposed quickly when exposed to yeast and bacteria. Also, paperboard packaging is easily recyclable - it is one of the world's most recyclable materials.

Can Be Printed On Easily

One of the advantages of using paperboard packaging is that you can print on it directly. Thus, you can easily print your logo and other marketing designs on the material to increase your brand visibility.


You can combine paper with other packaging materials conveniently to get unique and aesthetically beautiful packaging materials for your products.

Many consumers believe that a product with paper packaging is of premium quality. Notably, the outer packaging of a product influences the customers' purchasing decisions. Similarly, when used as outer packaging material while shipping a product, like corrugated boxes, it can lead to a positive unboxing experience for your customers. So, paperboard packaging also has a positive public perception.

Cons of Paperboard Packaging

Poor Barrier

Paper is a poor barrier to oxygen, light, and microbes when compared to other packaging materials. As a result, the products packed in paperboard packaging have a shorter shelf life. The products packed in paperboard must first be packed in a plastic layer to eliminate contamination.

Ends Up in Landfills

Though paper packaging is recyclable, it often ends up in landfills. Also, it takes more space in landfills than the plastic of the same weight.

Emerging Paperboard Packaging Trends

Customized Displays

Customized packaging display is a new trend you can follow for your product packaging. It helps familiarize customers with your brand and also increases recall value. You can customize the packaging with the brand logo and graphics to ensure your customers remember your brand.

Increase in Paper Packaging

In an initiative to reduce plastic, the government has banned single-use plastic, like drinking straws. This is why the demand for paper-based packaging has increased lately. Besides, customers have also become environment-conscious, and their purchase decisions are based on it. Therefore, in the time to come, paper packaging is going to be preferred over plastic packaging.

Multi-Use Design

Apart from being an outer covering, paper-based packaging has a multi-use design. Multi-use packaging is already being used widely by many brands around the world, but more brands are likely to adopt it in future.

Focus on Packaging Design

Product packaging plays a critical role in the product's overall performance. A product with a compelling packaging design can help increase sales. Simply put, humans are attracted more towards beauty than functionality. However, it is the product functionality that ultimately keeps the customers happy, leading to repeat purchases and customer loyalty.


Packaging is not just placing the product inside a box. It is more about how the product looks and feels inside the packaging and whether it is safe and secure. Paperboard packaging is one of the most widely used packaging materials around the globe, and given its benefits, it will stay in trend for a long time.