Top 7 Packaging Insert Ideas to Build Customer Loyalty

Top 7 Packaging Insert Ideas to Build Customer Loyalty

eCommerce is a competitive industry where building customer loyalty is imperative for business success. While product quality and customer service are crucial, packaging inserts can also help leave a long-lasting impression. By utilising creative and strategic packaging insert ideas, you can enhance the customer experience, drive repeat purchases, and ultimately build a solid customer base.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the top packagings insert ideas to help you build customer loyalty.

Top Product Insert Ideas

packaging insert ideas

While packing your product, you can insert the following items to build customer trust and encourage repeat sales:

Personalised Thank You Notes

One of the highly effective packaging insert ideas is to include a personalised thank you note. While you may think adding a thank you note won’t do anything significant for your business, but expressing gratitude to your customer for making a purchase will make them feel valued.

You can personalise the thank you note personalised by simply addressing your customers by their name or mentioning the specific product they bought. Notably, a thoughtful thank you note will go a long way in making customers feel appreciated and help build a positive relationship with your brand.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

Consider inserting exclusive discount coupons and special offers inside your packaging to encourage repeat purchases. This will also make your customers feel they are receiving added value along with their purchase. You can also start a loyalty program to entice customers further to return for another purchase.

Product Usage Tips & Tricks

You can educate your customers about the best ways to use your products by inserting how-to-do manuals in the packaging. This helps customers derive maximum value from their purchases. Whether it's a step-by-step guide, care instructions, or innovative ways to utilise the product, providing helpful information enhances the overall customer experience.

Customer Surveys and Feedback Requests

You can also use packaging inserts to gather constructive customer feedback. Encourage customers to share their thoughts and opinions about their purchase and product experience by including a brief survey or feedback request form. You can also consider offering an incentive to increase response rates – get a chance to win a prize or a discount code on successfully filling out the feedback form.

Gathering feedback will help improve products and services and offer a memorable customer experience. You can also come across as a brand that values customers’ feedback.

Social Media and Review Requests

How about leveraging packaging inserts to increase your brand's visibility on social media platforms? You can include clear calls-to-actions that encourage customers to follow your brand on social media and share their experiences with friends and followers.

Notably, user-generated reviews are powerful social proof that can attract new customers and build trust in your brand.

Surprise Gifts or Samples

Who doesn’t like surprises? Consider including a small gift or a new product sample in your packaging inserts. It could be a complementary product, a limited-edition item, or a promotional item related to your brand. This unexpected gift delights customers and leaves a memorable impression on their minds. It enhances the unboxing experience as well.

Referral Programs

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing by incorporating referral programs into your packaging inserts. Encourage customers to refer their friends and family to your brand by offering referral bonuses or rewards. This will help expand your customer base and foster a sense of loyalty among your existing customers.

Benefits of Packaging Inserts for eCommerce Businesses

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Packaging inserts provide an opportunity to connect with your customers beyond the product. Let us have a look at its benefits:

Enhanced Brand Perception

Well-planned packaging inserts can elevate your overall brand perception. By going the extra mile to provide a personalised and positive unboxing experience to your customers, you can create a lasting impression that reinforces your brand's value and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Increased Customer Engagement

With the help of packaging inserts, you can engage with your customers directly. Whether it's through product tips, surveys, or social media requests, you encourage customers to interact with your brand even after the purchase. This engagement helps build a stronger connection with customers.

Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

Packaging inserts can serve as a strategic tool for upselling and cross-selling. You can include information about complementary or related products in the packaging inserts and entice customers to explore additional offerings from your brand. This helps introduce customers to a wider range of products, leading to potential future purchases.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Satisfied customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. By incorporating referral programs, social media requests, and review prompts in your packaging inserts, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Happy customers can become brand advocates, spreading the word about your products and generating organic growth for your eCommerce business.

Competitive Advantage

As said above, the eCommerce world is extremely competitive and standing out from the competition is crucial. Utilising creative packaging inserts sets your brand apart and gives you a competitive edge. When customers receive an engaging and personalised unboxing experience, they are more likely to remember your brand and choose you over competitors.


To conclude, we can say that packaging inserts offer significant benefits for eCommerce businesses. The strategic use of packaging inserts can have a profound impact on customer loyalty and overall business success. You can also embrace these benefits, experiment with different packaging insert ideas, and continuously refine your approach to maximise the benefit.