Top Packaging Design Ideas for Your eCommerce Startup

Top Packaging Design Ideas for Your eCommerce Startup

In addition to the product's value, product packaging design also plays a crucial role in the buyer's purchasing decision. A good product packaging design takes the overall user experience to a new level. It makes the product look elegant and eye-pleasing. Overall, it enhances the buyers' experience with the product and convinces them to make a purchase.

Product packaging can play the role of a creative medium as well. It can be a simple box, a courier bag with just a logo, or a corrugated box with all your branding communication. Also, product packaging plays different functions, like protection, branding, marketing, and transportation. With so many roles to fill, product packaging can get tricky.

What is Packaging Design?
Every product you buy, whether a burger or a mobile phone, comes with the packaging. The packaging design involves choosing the material, font colours, typography, and images. You also need to finalize the marketing communication you wish to have on your packaging. Your product packaging design must be consistent with your branding strategy. However, it should also meet its functional aspects.

Top Packaging Design Ideas
Custom Box with Logo
A custom box with a logo is an excellent medium to showcase your brand identity. Here, the entire focus of the packaging is on your brand, which helps create a brand identity. Also, this type of packaging is the best choice for meeting functional and marketing purposes of the packaging.

Unique Box Design
Many startup owners are coming up with unique packaging designs for their products. For instance, mCaffeine sells its shower gel in a bottle in the shape of a coffee mug. Unique product designs like these make an excellent first impression. Similarly, you can look for packaging that signifies your product and its value propositions.

Personalized Shipping Boxes
You can also consider enhancing your buyers' experience by opting for a personalized shipping box. Build customer relationships by adding a personal touch to the packaging. Startup owners like you can get creative with personalized shipping boxes. The cherry on top – customers will certainly appreciate your efforts and commitment.

Modern Design
Most modern packaging designs are neutral in nature. You can go minimal with the design and use simple shapes and clear fonts. You can also have a consistent colour palette – or simply use black and white; it is never out of trend!

Premium Design
You can opt for a premium packaging design if you wish to make your product look premium. Notably, a premium design will make your packaging design appear sophisticated. Generally, black colour is used for premium products as it denotes style and elegance. You can use golden typography and abstract shapes to make your packaging design unique.

How to Design Product Packaging?
Product design packaging is a simple and straightforward process. You can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Create your customer persona: think about your customers.
  • Step 2: Choose the suitable packaging type: think about the right size and shape of your packaging.
  • Step 3: Check your competitors' products: what packaging type they are using and where they are lacking.
  • Step 4: Prepare a layout: get graphic designers to prepare a graphical layout of your packaging design.

A good packaging design is quintessential for the success of your business. Ensure that it is practical and aligned with your brand. You also need to develop a cost-effective packaging design that is eye-catchy yet sustainable.