How To Choose The Best Logistics Delivery Bags

How To Choose The Best Logistics Delivery Bags

Times have changed, and now consumers want to buy products from the comfort of their homes. This is the benefit they can avail of by purchasing products from online shops and marketplaces. However, with this demand, the trouble for online sellers begins to ensure that the product reaches the end consumer safe and sound in solid protective packaging.


This is where the tamper-proof logistics delivery bags come into the picture. Logistics delivery bags or courier bags ensure the safe transportation of products and documents. Therefore, it is essential to find top-quality courier bags that are tamper-proof and ensure that the product is safe inside.

What are Logistics Delivery Bags?

Logistics delivery bags are flexible packaging options made of polyethylene. They are designed to function as an exterior covering while transiting a product. They come in different types, ranges, and features. Thus, making packaging and shipping easier for the online seller.

Online sellers widely use them. The products are first wrapped in a paddling material and then inserted into courier bags. Courier bags are ideal for smaller products like nuts, bolts, jewelry, stationery items, or even mobile phones. However, online businesses that offer more oversized products like home appliances and showpieces will find corrugated boxes a better packaging option.

The courier bags have a self-adhesive seal that makes it possible to seal the parcel within seconds and eliminates the need for additional glue to close the package. In addition to being an economical option, they can also be easily printed on for increased brand visibility. They can also be customized.

Why are Courier Bags an Ideal Packaging Option?

The following are the reasons why using courier bags to ship your products can be a good option:

Robust and Durable

Courier bags are robust and durable. They are manufactured using thin and flexible polyethylene sheets with varying thicknesses of 100 to 300 microns. Besides, they are water-resistant, tamper-proof, stretchable, and biodegradable.

Multiple Linings

Courier bags generally have multiple linings that make them durable. These layers are made of bubble wraps or foam sheets that provide cushioning to the product inside.


The courier bags have self-adhesive strips and have transparent pouches called POD jackets. These jackets can be used for displaying invoices, how-to-do instructions, or airway bills.

High Print Accuracy

The outer layer is the opaque layer that can be printed on. Logos, information, signages, and supplier’s address can be printed on the outer layer easily without distressing about fading.

Considerations To Make Before Buying Courier Bags

As there is the availability of different types of courier bags in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult for the online seller to choose the best fit for their product. To help them in it, here is a guide that you can follow to choose the best-suited courier bags for your business:

Product Dimension

You can buy courier bags in a standard format. But they can also be customized or personalized. Thus, the first step is to decide whether to buy a standard dimensioned courier bag or get it personalized.

That said, if you have a large inventory and products in varied sizes, getting the courier bags sized can be a hectic process. Measuring the dimensions of all the bags and getting the courier bags done for them can be a cumbersome process. A courier bag with a standard dimension can be the best option for you. It will also help in saving unnecessary raw material costs. An average-sized courier bag will also help accommodate all the products in a single bag despite their size variations.

Bags Accessory

Many sellers buy courier bags with POD sleeves even if they don’t need them. They often end up paying more, thanks to being uninformed. Thus, it is important to know the needs and accessories required with the bags.

Courier bags are used to secure the package during transit. It is used to ship invoices or other important documents and is not always needed. However, if you need to ship important papers along with the package, POD jackets or sleeves are important. They are water-resistant and tamper-proof. Attaching an additional POD jacket is optional.


There have been many instances where buyers received a package with the wrong or no product inside. This is called in-transit thefts. Many businesses also suffer huge losses because of this. Customers also give bad reviews, which leads to a bad business reputation.

This practice cannot be prevented in any way. But there is a need for tamper-proof packaging. Courier bags are tamper-proof, and once sealed, they can’t be opened without cutting them through.

So, next time you go out to procure logistics delivery bags for your online business, ensure that you consider the above-mentioned points to make an informed decision.