Your Ultimate Guide to Gift Packing

Your Ultimate Guide to Gift Packing

When presenting a gift, everyone tries to add a personal touch to the gift to convey their best wishes along with the gift. This can be done either by adding a personal note or by making the gift packing special. After brainstorming and spending hours searching for the perfect gift, most often struggle with gift packing ideas.

The ultimate aim of presenting a gift is to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. Although gift packing is the ultimate requirement while gifting, you can make it a bit creative and special to make the recipient feel special.

The way we wrap a gift has been evolving over the years. From packing the gift in newspapers in early times to packing them in shiny papers with packaging inserts, we have really come a long way. With people becoming more conscious about gift packaging, they have also turned towards sustainable packaging.

So, without any further ado, let us take a look at the steps to gift packaging to make your gift special and unique.

Steps to Gift Packing

Once you have bought a thoughtful gift for your family and friends, the next step is to wrap them beautifully. A gift is incomplete until it is packed and wrapped. The layers of shiny packing papers and tape make it complete. Most of the people get the gifts wrapped from the shop. But some people love to pack the gifts themselves.

Let us look at the steps for gift packaging:

Packaging Supplies

To start with, you need to buy the packing paper or a box for packaging. You can buy the material online as well as offline. You can look for packaging supplies, such as boxes, packaging inserts, or wrapping papers. The type of packaging and its size will depend on the gift you want to pack. As per the features of the gift, you can think of buying a corrugated box, courier bag, or just wrapping paper. No matter whichever you choose, the bottom line is to make the gift special while also ensuring its protection.

Also, it is suggested that if the gift is a fragile item, like a glass vase, you can use packaging inserts like bubble wrap, foam inserts, etc. They will protect the gift from all possible damage and friction and keep it safe until the receiver opens the gift.

While packing the gift, the other materials you might require include tapes, scissors, a ribbon, and a name tag.

Time for Some Measurements

The packing material should be as per the size of the gift. If you are buying wrapping paper, place the paper on a flat surface and open it. Next, put the gift on it and check the measurements from all sides. Fold the paper from the edges and check if it covers the gift from all sides. The correct measurement should be the one that covers the gift from all sides. If required, you can also take the help of a pencil and ruler.

You can wrap a gift paper on the corrugated box or courier bag as well with the gift inside it. So, if you wish to wrap the gift with a courier bag, ensure that you measure the wrapping paper with the gift inside it to come up with the right measurements.

Once the measurements are done, the gift is all set to be packed and look special.

Sealing the Gift with Tape

The second last step is to seal the gift with tape. As per the requirement or your preference, you can use single or double-sided tape. However, just ensure that you use transparent tape in case you are using single-sided tape. Seal the package with the minimum amount of tape, but also ensure that it is adequately sealed. Or else it will look unpleasant.

Lift the edges of the paper and ensure that you wrap it in a triangular manner – this will make the gift packing look clean.

Final Touches

Once you are done packing the gift, the last step is to give it the final touches. The final touches essentially make your gift look special and arouse curiosity in the receiver. You can add a personal touch to the gift by adding a note to it. You can mention something that is only known between you and the receiver on it. Or you can add a ribbon to it. How about adding your and the receiver’s pictures to the packing?

Although all these things might seem petty, they add paramount importance to the gift and make it memorable for the receiver. The best gift is to make someone feel special, and your extra efforts will convey the same to the receiver.

To start with, you need to buy the packing paper or a box for packaging. You can buy the material online as well as offline.