Is Courier Bag a Good Packaging Option

Is Courier Bag a Good Packaging Option

In the last decade or so, the eCommerce sector has witnessed unprecedented growth with an increase in the online consumer base. The coronavirus pandemic further added to this growth. This has led to eCommerce businesses giving intense competition to each other. Due to all this, online sellers are putting vigorous efforts to earn the customers’ trust and loyalty.

One such means is offering the customers reliable and effective packaging in the form of a courier bag - the best eCommerce product packaging.

When we talk about eCommerce packaging solutions, people generally consider it an OUTER DABBA (box). But there are many other types of eCommerce packaging options as well. One such option is courier packing bags. They are flexible and the best option for small products.

Here we will discuss why courier bags are the best product packaging option.

What Is a Courier Bag?

Courier bags are a great packaging solution. It helps ship products safely and securely. They help take customer fulfillment to a new level. Plain courier bags have benefited a lot of eCommerce businesses and have become their go-to packaging option.

They are nothing but a flexible packaging bag widely used for shipping. Some of the best features of courier plastic bags include tamper-proof, waterproof, POD jackets, and bubble pads. These are specialized courier bags that are used to fulfill specific packaging applications. In addition to acting as a shipping courier bag, they also protect the products from dust, dirt, and water. The bubble pouches give cushioning to fragile products, such as jewelry, clothing, and CDs.

Different Types of Courier Bags

Courier Bags (51 Micron)

These are the most cost-effective courier bags and can be customized as per your requirements. 51-micron courier bags are the best option for eCommerce sellers who need economical packaging. These are ideal for non-fragile products, such as memory cards, pen drives, watches, etc.

Courier Bags (60 Microns)

They are slightly costlier than 51-micron courier bags because of their thickness. These are used for shipping fragile or delicate materials like wall posters, garments, etc. They are popular among small and mid-sized businesses and generally used to ship products such as mobile phone cases.

POD Courier Bags

When a consumer orders something from you, they expect a well packed and undamaged product. You will start losing customers if they receive a tampered or damaged product. Besides, they will also talk negatively about your brand and products, which will affect your future sales. The best way to overcome this situation is by offering tamper-proof courier bags with POD sleeves.

The POD sleeve or bag is a separate pocket that comes with the courier bag to keep essential documents, such as an address slip, how to use instructions, etc., separate and safe.

Bubble Courier Bags

Bubble courier bags provide cushioning to fragile items. They are the best option for premium products such as electronic items, glassware, jewelry, mobile phones, etc. They protect the products from damage or breakage.

Courier Bags Without POD Sleeve

Courier bags without POD sleeves are mostly used for packaging garments, non-fragile gadgets, and small products. These bags reduce time. How? The labels and invoices are pasted on the product itself. These bags are tamper-proof and don’t require POD sleeves. The primary purpose of the POD jacket is to keep the invoices safe. But with the help of advanced technologies, these sleeves have become optional.

Large Envelopes - Courier Bags

These envelopes or courier bags are large and ideal for items like toys, photo frames, etc. These are available in multiple sizes, and you can choose them according to your requirements. They have high tensile strength and can carry products beyond their capacity as they are not prone to tear.

Benefits of Courier Bags

The following are the benefits of courier bags:

Great Alternative for Boxes

All products can’t be shipped in corrugated boxes. Soft items have their own cushioning, like clothing. Besides, some products already have boxed packaging that offers them in-built protection. This is where tamper-proof courier packaging comes into the picture.

They are the ideal shipping packaging option when there’s no need for a box. Provided you are shipping products that don’t require extra protection or cushioning - you don’t require packaging inserts. Of course, you can add bubble wrap or other packaging inserts to the courier bags to provide extra cushioning if required.

Courier bags are made of polyethylene material, which is sturdy. The material makes the bags resistant to tearing, tampering, puncturing, and moisture.

Easy to Pack and Seal

Courier bags are sealed from three sides and open from one side. Thus, they can be quickly sealed and packed. They are made of sturdy and robust polyethylene material and can be fully packed (sometimes even overpacked) and still remain intact.

Unlike corrugated boxes, courier bags don’t require packaging tape to seal the packets. They come with a peel and seal mechanism—a self-seal adhesive strip. All you have to do peel the liner off and fold over the flap to seal it. This mechanism creates a secure closure and keeps the products secure and in place.

Notably, this seal can’t be opened again once closed without permanently damaging the courier bag. Thus, they keep the products safe, sound, and in place.

However, some courier packaging bags also come with a tear strip. These strips allow the customers to open the courier packets without cutting the bag. Some courier bags even have a second seal strip that lets the customers seal the packets again for returning the item.

Reduced Shipping Cost

The dimensional weight of the package also adds to the shipping charges. Dimensional weight includes the width, length, and height of the package that is carrying the product. You will be charged on the basis of whichever is greater - the package’s dimensional weight or the actual weight of the package.

This makes choosing the right packaging imperative as it can impact the shipping cost. If an oversized packaging is used, you will be charged for the additional dimensional weight. However, if an undersized product packaging is used, the product may get damaged in transit, leading to a return. This is why courier bags are cost-effective alternatives to other types of product packaging. Also, the volumetric footprint of the courier bags is smaller as they take less space.

Courier Bags Can Be Printed On

Digital printing has made it easy to print on courier bags and other packaging solutions. Through customized packaging material, you can easily showcase your brand and make a long-lasting impression on your customers. All it takes is an attractive logo, a catchy tagline, and ideal packaging material.

You can also design your packaging online nowadays - add graphics, logos, colors, or text to your packaging. With online designing, you can do-it-yourself without spending too much time and money.

These benefits of courier bags clearly define why they should be the preferred choice for your eCommerce store. In fact, they are already very popular among online retailers. With so many features and style options, courier bags are bound to be the best option for your shipping needs.